Downtown Tampa

Photos by Margaret Fryer

December 2nd 2012 Composition in the Field Photo Class w/Sam Johnston

Photo Class with Sam Johnston

Downtown Tampa 6/16/2012

Photos by Sam Johnston

Composition in the Field Digital Photo Academy Class

With Sam Johnston

Thanks and have a great day! Mindi ³Minds are like parachutes - they only function when open². Thomas R. Dewar

Comment: The two in the middle have really good composition and good interests. I like the clouds in the top one, nice use of leading lines.  Great exposures.

Mindi Yakubek

Comment: Red almost always gets over exaggerated with digital. I haven’t seen a chip that can handle it yet.  So it may help to under-saturate just the flower.

Thanks and have a great day! Mindi

Comment: your top lamp post image has some interest.  Try turning you camera, since you’re already showing an obscured angle, maybe if the bottom of the post was at an angle from the bottom right corner, while the two outer bulbs where evenly placed from lower left to upper right, and the sky being an even point upper left.

Downtown Tampa photos by William Knight 1
Comment: I really like the use of focal point with the flower and nail, good balance of composition with the nail. The old with the new color doors is interesting, but left me wanting to crop and adjust for better balance, not to mention, take out the ugly AC units.